Hmm, guess I'm just a chick who likes to draw.
You're at my main blog, so...mainly re-blogs here, and some text posts.
Might make a separate account for my art or something. Maybe.


Character based off of some of the “slenderman” creepypasta things.

Named him Cipher. He’s actually rather innocent, and cute. His boyfriend, however, loves to draw some really NSFW things, occasonally including him and his smaller boyfriend. Buuut…Cipher doesn’t know this. .w.; We;’re waiting to see what happens when he finds out.

The Highschool Art Teacher. He’s an albino platypus, dating a beaver. They themselves are very NSFW.

Alex the Fiddler Crab.

Not much on them.

Apocalypse, or Apo notappa for short,he teaches a history class at a highschool. He’s angel who fough in many wars of Heaven VS. Hell, and decided neither side was right, when he was caught by a grenade, taking off his left side, really.

He now just teaches about the wars, not participating in them at all.

Gator anthro boy that lives int he sewers most of the time.

And a re-draw of my old OC Paranoia.