Hmm, guess I'm just a chick who likes to draw.
You're at my main blog, so...mainly re-blogs here, and some text posts.
Might make a separate account for my art or something. Maybe.


Komoly, the Grave Digging Dragon with no eyes.

He likes to eat rotting peaches, and is terrified of his girl’s brother. With good reason, but we…won’t get into that now, m’kay?

Shade, the somewhat immortal embodiment of Death.

Yes, he is a cat.

Death is a cat. Cats are death. S’why they’re so cocky.

Koi, my little moth boy.

Timid as fucking hell, but gets really exited for shiny human objects.

He’s only about the size of your thumb, IF that.

Aaanndd Blacky, the Occult leader and devil’s son.

My RP’s are weird..